About Us



The Arc of Dunn County, Inc. is an advocacy organization helping those who are cognitively disabled, their family and friends.  Our services span a lifetime from infancy to elder citizens.  The Arc of Dunn County, Inc., a non-profit organization, was organized to enhance the lives of individuals with cognitive disabilities; to facilitate the development of programs on their behalf; to enhance research related to cognitive disabilities; to advise and assist parents with support and information about cognitive disabilities; and to increase public awareness and understanding of issues affecting individuals with cognitive disabilities and their families.

The Arc of Dunn County, Inc. offers:

Residential Housing – Respite Care – Guardianship

The Arc of Dunn County, Inc. was organized as a member unit of The Arc-Wisconsin and The Arc-National in 1967.  The Arc of Dunn County, Inc. was organized by a group of parents due to the need of programs for pre-school children who were developmentally disabled.  The first classes were taught by the mothers of children with disabilities due to the lack of funding for a teacher.  The group later contacted the Dunn County Board of Supervisors for funding to operate the program.  Later they became become part of the programming of the Tri-County Mental Health Clinic at Baldwin, Wisconsin.  The three counties consisted of Dunn, Pierce, and St. Croix. Classes were held for several years at Christ Lutheran Church in Menomonie, until these programs were taken over as a mandated program of the public school system.

The Arc of Dunn County, Inc. began to explore on how to start a program for adults who were developmentally disabled who resided in the county, whether in a home or in State Centers.  With the help of a Vista Volunteer, people were identified and members began to look for ways to obtain facilities and funds to begin programs.  With the help of Dr. Don Brolin from the University of Wisconsin-Stout, a grant application to the Federal Developmental Disabilities Board was made and received, thus beginning the first Adult Activity Center in the area.  This began at the home of Avis Wolske, who was the first Director.  This program also came under the administration of Tri-County Mental Health.

When the 51.42-437 legislation came into effect, consumers were appointed to this board that became the Unified Services of Western Wisconsin, located in Elmwood, Wisconsin.  After this agency was dissolved by the three county boards, Dunn County Human Services Board asked The Arc of Dunn County, Inc. to form a private non-profit corporation to operate a sheltered workshop. The Arc of Dunn County, Inc. established this non-profit workshop, which today is called Indianhead Enterprises, Inc.  This organization is now its own entity and is one of the most successful non-profit facilities in the area.

The Arc of Dunn County, Inc. has given scholarships over the years to college students who are majoring in Special Education or related fields of study.  The Arc of Dunn County, Inc. has been involved in education programs in local High Schools, UWStout, Dunn County Coalition for People with Disabilities, local service clubs and local radio.  The Arc of Dunn County, Inc. obtained funding for advocacy throughout the years from the United Way of Dunn County.  The United Way of Dunn County Members have been supportive as solicitors and aiding the program at its Kick-Off Campaign.

In 1987, The Arc of Dunn County, Inc. was able to obtain an office and hire an Executive Director.  This made The Arc of Dunn County, Inc. more accessible to the public.  In November of 1987, The Arc of Dunn County, Inc. began a Residential Program and hired a Residential Director.  In August of 1989, the Corporate Guardianship program was established and hired a Guardianship Director.  In 1997, The Arc of Dunn County, Inc. purchased a home to be used as a group home for men who are cognitively disabled, thanks in part to a WHEDA grant.  In 1998, an Otto Bremer grant enabled The Arc of Dunn County, Inc. to remodeled and updated the group home.

In 2003, The Arc of Dunn County, Inc. purchased a group home at 538 Woodridge Ct, in Menomonie.  It housed the offices for The Arc of Dunn County, Inc. until 2008, which then became the building for an Adult Family Home.  In 2008, The Arc of Dunn County, Inc. built a new office building at 2602 Hils Court in Menomonie to sustain it’s growth and continue serving the community where there is a need.